This page serves as a contact of appearance at Chester Comic Con.
As per your application your invoice is as follows:

TRADER NAME: Kat Croker Art and Stuff



Please only purchase a quantity of 1 - for increased table numbers please get in touch to amend your application.

1 Table & 2 Tickets: Supporting Hall
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Please print this page for your records. Once payment is received a receipt will be emailed to you. 


Our tables are 6 foot x 2.5 foot. 
Large trading hall, one large room where guests are situated: £50 for the first table, £40 thereafter.
Supporting trading rooms, these are smaller rooms adjacent to the large trading hall with only a corridor separating, : £40 for the first table, £30 thereafter.

The first table comes with 2 tickets, each additional table comes with 1 additional ticket (more available to purchase from us)


Lime St. Comic Con is held at St. George's Hall on the 27th May 2018.
The events opens at 10am and runs until 5pm.
Dealers have access to the rooms the Saturday before, 12-4pm and Sunday morning from 8am. 
A number of helpers will be on hand to assist dealers with the set up and take down process. Due to access restrictions we strongly saturday set up if possible.
Dealers will receive a welcome pack upon arrival with information regarding timings, staff, safety as well as any other frequently asked questions. 


By purchasing this item you agree to your appearance at Lime St. Comic Con on the 27th May 2018. Once the table has been sold it cannot be refunded. If you are unable to attend you are required to inform Lime St. Comic Con at least 48 hours before the event. 

All goods sold at Lime St. Comic Con must be legitimate. Traders found to be selling counterfeit, unlicensed goods or goods in breach of a copyright holder will be asked to remove the items from sale with possibly further action of ejection from the event and reporting to the appropriate legal bodies.

On the day of the event please read your fire safety/health and safety information through throughly. A sign in sheet must be signed as confirmation of attendance and agreement to all health and safety information relevant to Lime St. Comic Con. A failure to do so will result in you being unable to trade on the day.